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Introducing "Slow Juicer" the Revolutionary Hurom HU-100 Slo

Now a new, breakthrough juicing appliance overcomes all of the shortcomings of both centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. The Hurom slow juicer is a really outstanding device that takes a quantum leap forward in juicing technological innovation. This machine is simply incredible -- and it has currently turned out to be a permanent appliance in my personal kitchen.

The machine creates juice more quickly than a centrifugal juicer, yet it doesn't have any fast-moving parts: No centrifugal basket, no shredding your fruits and veggies, and no loud sounds. I really like creating juice with this appliance!

It really is lighter and less pricey than twin-gear juicers, and but it generates just as considerably juice as they do! As well as, it's super adaptable because it might make almond milk, soy milk, sesame milk and even rice milk, as well!

The key is the "slow juice" engineering developed by the Hurom firm. This technology utilizes "triturating" engineering that "rubs" the juice out of fruits, greens, nuts and seeds. It makes use of only a single spiral gear, not twin gears, and the simplicity and cleverness of the style ensure it is an upright appliance on your countertop -- so it appears like a centrifugal juicer, but it features inside a entire new way.

hurom slow juicer reviews - It's got eleven key positive aspects I'd prefer to share with you from my own personal encounter:

Benefit #1: A lot more juice from the identical veggies signifies lower juicing costs

Because the hurom slow juicer is really a far much more efficient extraction engineering than you are going to discover in centrifugal juicers, you obtain much more juice out from the exact same amount of fruit and veggies.

This means total lower juicing fees due to the fact you'll use a more compact quantity of fresh create to generate the same quantity of juice! Offered the high cost of natural vegetables and fruit, this implies the Hurom Slow Juicer can pay for itself in cost savings on clean generate.

Actually, you are going to see the difference the very first time you juice with the Hurom Juicer.

Benefit #2: Less oxidation of your juice means much more nutrition

The Hurom HU-100 Juicer does not "shred" your juice with fast-spinning blades. This prevents oxidation of one's juice -- the chemical approach that leads to air to react together with the juice and deplete its useful nutrients.

The refreshing juice extracted through the Hurom Slow Juicer is the most nutritionally potent juice you'll be able to make at property. The much more you happen to be conscious in the wonderful healing traits of refreshing veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, the a lot more you'll enjoy Hurom's "trituration" technologies that protects juice from oxidation.

Advantage #3: Faster juice manufacturing makes juicing far more handy

The Hurom Sluggish Juicer is not truly "slow" to create juice. With regards to the ounces of juice you obtain per minute, it's equally as fast (or more rapidly) than using a centrifugal juicer!

This makes it a whole great deal more quickly than typical twin-gear juicers, so you'll be able to produce juice for oneself or even the entire household in mere minutes. You are going to really like time savings you are going to encounter using this juicer.

Benefit #4: Slow juicing gears makes juicing safer for families and youngsters

The Hurom Slow Juicer has no dangerous, fast-spinning parts like whirling blades or metal baskets. The motor turns gradually and steadily, producing a astonishingly large level of juice from a really slow rotation -- hence the name "slow juicer."

You'll be amazed at just how much juice this machine extracts even with this type of seemingly "slow" movement! And due to the fact it is safe and peaceful, you are able to obtain the young children involved within the entertaining of producing their very own juice. They are able to actually watch the juice becoming separated from the pulp. It's fun to view this juicer operate!

Benefit #5: It makes NUT MILKS, also!

This really is so awesome... I've been making use of my precious Hurom HU-100 Juicer to generate clean raw almond milk. It really is wonderful! I just soak the almonds nuts for eight hours, rinse them, next dump them into the Hurom juicer with some mineral water.

The refreshing almond milk pours out! And there is no mess: No nut milk bags, no cooking, no straining and no problems. Put almonds in and you get almond milk out -- almost instantaneously! This on your own tends to make the device really worth every dollar (in my viewpoint, anyway, since I consume lots of almond milk).

You can also make use of the Hurom Slow Juicer to generate soy milk, sesame milk or even oat milk or rice milk! It's a milk-making machine simultaneously it's a world-class juicer.

Benefit #6: Less noise keeps your kitchen peaceful and quiet

Centrifugal juicers are loud. The grinding and shredding noises can be disturbing into a peaceful kitchen area, and they can even awaken sleeping family members in case you juice within the early morning.

But the Hurom Juicer is so quiet it may very well be named a "silent juicer." It makes no a lot more noise than a bread mixer and far much less sound than a blender or possibly a typical juicer.

Benefit #7: Less waste is more ecological, too

The reality that the Hurom Slow Juicer tends to make more juice from much less fresh generate isn't just excellent for the pocketbook -- it's also great for that planet!

Why? Due to the fact producing fruits and vegetables needs power and work. Transporting those foods also calls for fossil fuels. The a lot more nutrients you'll be able to extract from the identical fixed quantity of new generate, the lower your utilization of limited all-natural resources.

Effective juicing is eco-juicing -- it is very good for you personally and excellent for your planet simultaneously.

Benefit #8: The juice TASTES much better!

I don't nevertheless know why -- maybe it's got something to perform with all the lack of oxidation -- however the juice extracted with the Hurom Slow Juicer is super scrumptious!

Everybody tells me much exactly the same thing: "Wow! This juice tastes better than the juice you generally make. What's the difference?" The one difference is the fact that I'm now employing the Hurom Slow Juicer instead of the centrifugal juicer I previously favored. Try it by yourself: I think you are going to genuinely taste the variation!

Benefit #9: No FOAM

Are you tired of the "juice foam" produced by centrifugal juicers? That foam is really a result with the high-speed mixing with the juice with air. It's a aspect impact of centrifugal juicing.

The Hurom juicer creates almost no foam! What you get is pure, liquid juice. There's virtually no foam and no oxidation. It's just the juice you anticipate to have from a high-end juicing machine.

Benefit #10: Effortless to clear!

If you're like me, time is tight. We want to put together our juice as efficiently as you possibly can and get on with the day. But component of the task involves cleaning the juicer.

You will be content to discover which the Hurom Slow Juicer isn't sluggish with regards to cleansing: It is blazing fast! It rinses effortlessly and cleans up within the exact same time as a typical centrifugal juicer. Plus, you do not have the scrub the basket to take away the pulp...

Benefit #11: It is lighter and more Transportable than other juicers

This really is the really neat aspect concerning the Hurom HU-100 Juicer
: It is light adequate which you can get it with you!

Deliver it into a friend's residence or a celebration... display your pals this incredible new juicing engineering and allow them to taste the distinction by themselves!

The Hurom power Juicer weighs roughly the same as a normal centrifugal juicer, meaning it's a lot lighter than the standard twin-gear juicers. You'll be able to even put it in a suitcase and consider it with you on the trip -- utilize it inside a hotel! (It really is the only real approach to get actually wholesome meals even though traveling anyplace...)

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